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Kartas was in excess of the heir of a photograph duplicate device, 2 chairs and five tables. Kartas was the very first space ever where by a relistic and legitimate try had been produced to function on the non authoritarian, non income and non sexist/racist/ethnicist foundation. The 2 men in the so referred to as cyprus indymedia ended up never ever present! How Unusual....

Προσωπικό δηλητήριο, ζήλιες και απάτες μαζί με πολιτική αυταρχισμού, κτητικότητας, σεξουαλικής καταπίεσης, ανθελληνισμού και ρατσισμού, αλαζονίας ενάντια στην αντίθετη άποψη έχουν σμιχτεί με μια νεοταξική εθνομηδενιστική "ανάλυση" ως τάχα μου διαφωνίες με την Ενδο~Μήδεια και τον τρόπο λειτουργίας της.

αν εσείς δεν έχετε πειστεί ότι το πρόβλημα των όπου γης ανθρώπων δεν είναι εθνικά κρατικά κλπ αλλά καθαρά ταξικά και λόγω του άθλιου καπιταλιστικού συστήματος αυτό είναι αποδεκτό και δεν έχω κανένα πρόβλημα με αυτό

We have already been requesting enable from All people we can discover within indymedia who may have technical skill and awareness, to aid us put in and operate an Open Publishing method for various many years. You should see here To learn more:

It’s a said part of our longstanding mission: “to supply Management and legal justice providers to federal, condition, municipal, and Global organizations and partners…

It turned out that our analysis was proper, since by the identical time following calendar year, the fascists experienced doubled the quantities in their associates and of All those prepared to appear out in public to march under their despicable banners AND for The very first time you'll find now customers of the general public applauding them!

Ofertar agora Rock band click here emblem & monogram Encerrado remaining We've been a songs band from Greece. The name is Kartel (Καρτελ in greek) new music conspiracy. We use Kartel as the primary identify and tunes conspiracy for a subtitle nevertheless it's under dialogue if we are going to use it or not.

“Όσο για τα άλλα για τον Ξενή κλπ είναι απλά μαθηματικά για μας. Οι φασίστες σπέρνουν τον τρόμο. Στιγματίζουν όποιον δεν είναι δικός τους τον απειλούν και άμα τους παίρνει του κάνουν και ζημιά.

πλέον προσωπικά θεωρώ ότι όκ θα συνεργαστώ με κάποια άτομα που θεωρώ ότι έχουμε κοινές προσγγίσεις αλλά όχι σε βαθμό ταύτισης μαζί τους γιατί θεωρώ ότι προσωπικά μαζί τους με χωρίζει άβυσσος

Cyprus.indymedia violates the Indymedia theory of open publishing. You can certainly validate this by browsing on the location.

o- obtaining betrayed the men and women by supporting the Church dictatorship during the sixties and seventies (as opposed to foremost the pro-democracy opposition from it),

Να πάτε στην Αμερικανικήν πρεσβείαν μαζί. Τζιαι μετά στον Άντρον τον Κυπριανού να σας δώκει τζιαι παράσημον.

Amongst our founding paperwork that particularly specials with values and ideas that Convey our opposition to your rule of Cash and the Point out is titled "The Short Assertion" and bargains with various concentrations and aspects of politics.

Only one example of the paranoia we have been enduring: On December 2009 the cyprus “indymedia” administrators claimed that anti-authoritarians where by intending to burn up the town of Nicosia at an party organized for the anniversary from the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos through the police as well as the uprising that followed.

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